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TM Group - Innovation Zone


Emerging from the upheaval and challenges that the Covid pandemic has posed for businesses and their staff, it became clear to TM that the traditional office environment had become a thing of the past.  Signing a new 10-year lease heralded a commitment by TM Group to remain in Swindon and that they now had an opportunity to create a unique environment for their highly collaborative teams.  The conventional office and its function might be under review in some quarters, however, there is no doubt that a well thought out environment that provides a focal point for everyone to embrace, encourages the interaction and communication that is so important. If the most valuable asset for a business is their people, a motivated and happy workforce should be of the highest priority.

Fresh Workspace were commissioned to design a space that would create an atmosphere and environment that employees would enjoy and want to be a part of.  Staff wellbeing, brand identity, community, togetherness, teamwork, and technology were important considerations that were to be incorporated into the refreshing new design for the office.  The centerpiece was to be a curved multi-level seating Amphitheatre for at least 20 employees, supported by twin 65” screens, whiteboards, and Teams meeting package.

Scope of works


Glass Partitioning



Tea Point

Power & Data





Location: Swindon

Area: 1 floor Total 496 sqm / 5,339 sq ft

On Site: 4 weeks

TM Group - Innovation Zone Overview


The Innovation Zone became the byword for the space that would ultimately provide a variety of spaces that allowed people to drop in, work, collaborate, meet, relax, or get together as a team and be creative.  The creation of each space and the furniture utilized was carefully considered not only on how it would support its function, but on how it might impact on any neighboring zones.  The design allowed the space to flow and ensure an order to the scheme.  The furniture was carefully chosen from a variety of manufacturers to meet the specific needs of the space and the finishes and fabrics were thoroughly considered to create an organic and tactile space.  Every element of the scheme was deliberately chosen for its impact, its function and how it worked within its surroundings. With a muted palette in some rooms enhanced with increased planting, many spaces have the effect of bringing the outside in, a biophilic principle which has been found to support cognitive function, physical health, and psychological well-being.

Bringing the scheme together was a very in-depth, detailed and carefully thought-out Graphics package that was evolving even as the works progressed, ensuring that every small detail had been considered.  Along with the corporate branding, much of the graphics focused on providing interesting, motivational, or simply fun elements for the team to engage with within the office space.

TM Group have been at the forefront of employee wellbeing for a number of years and have been recognized as an award-winning industry leader in this area. The focus on staff wellbeing by the business is exceptional and every ounce of the design and implementation made sure that the team could thrive in each of the spaces and ensured they had ample opportunity to bring home the key messages that are part of the team dynamics and business core values.

Additionally, or more essentially, a Room Booking System was implemented for the meeting rooms, also encompassing many of the meeting spaces. These additions bring the business into the world of the modern office and strike the right balance between technology and a practical workplace.TM Group also ensured that this was coupled with a seamless Desk Booking System that now supports the new flexible drop in work and collaboration spaces.

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